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Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Slisarchuk was born on September 18 in the city of Odessa.
In 2006 - Was accepted to the ranks of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
 In co-authorship with Academician Faitelberg-Blank published more than 80 articles and essays on the subject of crime and the history of Odessa. Verses and stories were published in various collections and almanacs. (some of them can be read in the section "Prose")
In 2010 - received a special prize of the festival "Scarlet Sails" in the creative competition of small prose. Autumn 2011 - became a prize-winner of the contest "Tsvetaeva Autumn" in the nomination "Audience Choice Award" for acrostics dedicated to Marina Tsvetaeva.
2012 - marked by the diploma of the literary contest my Odessa, for the article "The Hero of the Bygone Time" about P.A. Tsyurupe.
2013y. - Accepted to the All-Ukrainian Union of Writers of marine painters.
 He is the co-author of the books "Bandit Odessa - 9" and "Bronze Age of South Palmira". At present, after the death of Academician VR Faitelberg-Blank, he continues to work on historical stories from the life of Odessa. In parallel, he completes work on the historical-mystical novel "Nelson and the Red Admiral". To his friends and acquaintances for anniversaries and holidays composes verses and individual personal acrostics. What is acrostic?
 Acrostics write each.
 Who can pick up a rhyme,
 Rastavit letters, so that one day,
From the first letter, down to read,
Put words together in a picture,
This is poetry whim,
And if you reach the middle,
Praise the muse for the sketch!
   On this site you can read acrostics dedicated to writers (AS Grin, KG Paustovsky, A.Chekhov) poets (M. I. Tsvetaeva, V. Vysotsky, VI Klyuchinsky, R. Kolobova, etc.) artists (Yuri Gorbachev, Nikas Safronov), other creative people, war veterans, teachers of the Faculty of Philosophy ONU. I. I. Mechnikov and others.
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